Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My City

God, you are my city. You surround me like a full landscape, ever-moving and pulsing and breathing like a lively street. You are the skyscrapers above my head, living in the clouds, extending into where I cannot see. The clouds and stars and sun reflect you, mirror mirrors your beauty and perfect creation. You know every detail of everything– from the largest town to the smallest home to the eldest resident to the yet-to-be-born. You know the people in my city: every person. Every word they have said to me– every loving touch they have put on me; every hurtful scar. You are the road my feet are on. You are the trail I have tred in my past. You are my childhood home, my fondest memories. You are my father who wakes me up early in the morning with a surprise behind your back. You are with me when I go uptown, you are following me when I go downtown, when I travel far away. When I sleep at home or run in the woods, you are there. You are my everlasting city. I reside in you, and you in me, and someday, I will get to see your city.


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