Thursday, May 22, 2014


This is going to be a super long post because I have hundreds of photos from Israel! I was hoping to update my blog more often while I was away, but blogger didn't like working internationally, so I've compiled everything together here and will write my final thoughts on this trip in a later post. Enjoy looking through the adventures we had in Israel! I'm so happy to be home, but Israel definitely has a special place in my heart now. 

The view from our hotel in Jerusalem.

I thought this was so interesting: a young boy (probably 11) was trying to sell us bracelets out of one hand, while in the other hand he was holding a juice box and cigarette.

My two favorite treats of Israel: Magnum ice cream bars and Bueno chocolate.

These are all from our rainy day in Samaria at a synagogue/mosque.

Within the North West Gate.

Kids would wait by our bus to say hi.

At Tel Azeka/Bet Shemesh, where the Ark of the Covenant once stood.

We visited the Garden Tomb and learned about where Jesus was most likely buried (it wasn't here).

A winepress.

Inside the tomb. 

Gorgeous gardens!

Skull rock.

More landscapes.

We studied herodian buildings and went to the Decapolis. 

Feet pic in the area where David killed Goliath.

In the area where David defeated Goliath, looking for five smooth stones to take home.

At the Mediterranean Sea!

After Nae fell into the Sea.

Visiting the Med. Sea was one of my favorite days. 

At Jacob's Well.

Brian got "blessed" by the rabbi in the church.

Had the best meals of hummus and pita all over Israel.

I loved our stop in Samaria.

Two modes of transportation (;

Looking at the Temple Mount. 

At the Jerusalem museum.

Studying with an excavator and Dr. Nunnally.

Me and Nae hanging out on some ruins.

John and Ree were so cute, holding hands all over Israel. (:

At a memorial for St. John.

Sitting in a manger!

This is our bus driver, Kamal. He was so generous and fun. He also likes hookah! Haha.

It felt a little like a resort when we arrived at En Gev because of these beautiful views.

Our little bungalow.

The Sea of Galilee was the most beautiful sight on the trip!

More groupie pics after dinner in En Gev.

Stones on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Heading to a museum on the Sea of Galilee.

Climbing a mountain!

Bus buddies for the whole trip.

Our little traveling group family.

A shot of most of our group after we finished navigating the streets of the old city of Jerusalem. The desserts and coffee we had were amazing.

Candles in the church of St. Peter.

People relaxing outside the church.

Ate so much falafel.

In Nazareth.

Different representations of Mary from various countries.

Our Israel pals.

Group shot by the sea.

Selfie with Sam!  

We also got to ride camels! SO FUN! 

Me and Jenae at the Wailing Wall. 

The written prayer I laid in the bricks of the Wailing Wall.

Praying at the Wall.

Studying in Dan.

A fig tree in Dan.

The skies are huge in Israel.

Peacock in Dan.

Look at this view we had during lecture!

Olive oil press.

Stormy clouds.

So pretty! Dan was gorgeous.

Got to have a discussion under this waterfall.

Isn't he cute?


This was a big mountain we climbed near the Negev region. One of my favorite climbs because of the ravine below.

We made it!

Heading out to the Negev region, we saw baby camels up close!

In Bethlehem, sitting at a vineyard.

Temple on the Mount.

I love these guys!  

One of the best pizzas and meals we had on the trip. 

I loved these doors. Everything had such an old, beautiful, historical vibe to it.

Standing where Jesus stood on the temple wall!

From our last day.

Me and Kamal saying goodbye. I'm going to miss that guy! 




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