Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Israel: Traveling and Day One

Today has been our first full day in Israel! It's amazing to be here--to think that Jesus once walked here and performed miracles is so unbelievable! We've already started learning a lot, but we're just getting started. The weather is perfect here and we have had a lot of fun so far exploring and getting to know each other. Tomorrow begins our more intense studying, but for now, here are some of the highlights of our trip in photos so far: 

Here's a picture of Jenae, Brian, and Aaron in Dusseldorf waiting to board our plane to Munich. These guys have been the best travel buddies. So much fun and laughing with them. I'm thankful God has brought us together! 

I took this photo while flying over Germany. I would love to visit those mountains someday. 

After about 15 hours of travel and 4 flights, we made it to Tel Aviv. Our first night was spent between Jerusalem and Bethany. This photo shows the Jerusalem side from the rooftop of the institute we stayed at. 

All of the guys on the roof checking out the city. 

The vegetation here is gorgeous, especially in the old city! Trees, flowers, and ivy grow in the fields and on buildings--it's beautiful. 

After dinner, we all spent hours exploring and playing cards. One game went on for about 30 minutes. These guys are great. We've all gotten pretty close in a short amount of time. 

A view of Jerusalem from the roof at night. 

After a good nights sleep and recovering from jet lag, we had a great breakfast. It was interesting seeing what Israel usually eats for breakfast. Trying new foods has been a lot of fun. 

The retreat where we stayed at was beautifully decorated with art and different plants. 

One of my favorite pieces of art I saw. 

After breakfast, we killed time with a two hour game of pictionary. 

That afternoon, we left for Jerusalem. 

After getting settled, we travelled into the Old City in Jerusalem. 

All of the buildings and alleys had so much detail and character. 

For lunch, we tried falafel. I absolutely loved it! I don't know why this isn't popular in the US! There's something like ground up garbanzo beans that have been rolled into a ball and fried in the bottom of a pita pocket, along with hummus (which they call "humous"), cucumbers, tomatoes, and pickles. So good. 

Looking over at the Dome of the Rock and Mount of Olives after lunch. 

Next, we went through the shopping area. There were all sorts of trinkets, foods, and produce everywhere. 

And that concludes day one of Israel! Tonight the rest of our group comes in. We are all getting excited to start touring the rest of the Holy Land and listening to Dr. Martin and Dr. Nunnally's lectures. I still can't believe we're here where Jesus once walked! It's crazy, but so amazing. This is going to be a life-changing two weeks. 



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