Sunday, June 2, 2013

B E A C H A D V E N T U R E S (in Instagram photos)

Back from a little vacation in Seaside, Florida and I'm missing it already. I took a ton of quick phone photos along the way and decided I might as well post them on here, since I don't want to flood Instagram with shots of the ocean and sunset... It was such a relaxing trip and was so nice to get away before the end of summer school. I'm already ready to go back!
(This was the window in the study room I spent a lot of my mornings in prepping for summer school midterms. I wish I beach decor like this was acceptable in the Midwest, but I feel like it just looks awkward on a window sill in Missouri.)

(These sand dunes were so cool. There was tons of foliage just growing right on top of them.)
(We hiked to a couple of these rare lakes that actually lead into the ocean. And the sunsets were amazing every single night.)

(Vacation selfie with too many film affects applied...check.)

(Our view at the beach one night.)
(Last night on the beach.)

(Mossy tree at a plantation.)
(Ugh. I miss it already.)
(Spent one evening dancing around in the sand.)

(For some reason my hair was about 200% more manageable while away from home. I think it's a sign I'm supposed to live in the South.)

(Downtown Seaside there was a little square that was practically like a mini-Paris. I about died from happiness.)

(Instead of street lamps, there were just stringed lights everywhere. Um, so romantic. I love this beach town.)
(Our dock leading to the ocean. Mmm. That water.)
(With the broskies at dinner one night.)

(I only took like 12 feet photos during the trip...)

(In the plantation gardens.)

(Bought my new favorite Gatsby shirt in a little record shop before we left.)

I feel very blessed to have gotten to spend some great time with my family, rest on the beach, and have a good summer adventure before June rolled around. But seriously, I cannot wait to visit again. There are so many cool places to explore and the atmosphere of the town was so simple and refreshing! Definitely what I needed, and I am thankful for it.


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